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Sant'Antioco was founded in the homonym island, that is the greatest of the Sardinian islands and the fourth in Italy after Sicily, Sardinia and the island in Elba with an extension of 109 Kmqs. It is located in the southwest of Sardinia 87 Km far from Cagliari and it is united to the mother island throught a bridge and a wide asphalted road built on a long artificial isthmus around 3 Km long, that connects a series of islets formed after the river deposits of the Rio Palmas.

The union of these islets has delimited from a side the Gulf of Palmas, from the other the pond of Sant'Antioco on which leans out the inhabited area. Sant’Antioco has a very ancient history started with the first Neolitic installations in the III millennium B.C. The Phoenicians called it Sulky and they made it a colony of extraordinary strategic and commercial importance; the Roman Sulci became florid city, so much to be elevated to the rank of Municipium with the registration of its inhabitants in the tribe Quirina.

With the fall of the Roman empire started the decadence of the island which was attacked by Vandals, Byzantine, Arabs, Pisani, Aragonese, Spanish, French and Piedmontese, attracted from the wealths of sea and earth and from the sure landings in the gulf of Palmas. Extraordinary testimonies of their passage enrich the civic museum and the structure of the actual urban nucleus. The modern visitors, on the traces of the great travellers of the 1800s, can discover a landscape and naturalistic patrimony of incomparable beauty.


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